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“I have 20 years of experience tinkering with anything cellular. Unlike our competitors, I DON’T  compromise on quality and I DON’T send your device to anyone else. I DO the work and I DO it right!” – Robert


Your device is like your best friend. You know when there's something wrong with it. We can repair those little issues that have big impact on your happiness.

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Why Cellular Phone Repair?

Today‘s Cellular phones are the equivalent of a laptop packed into the size of your hand. The components inside your cell are small and complicated. Most repair services involve extensive intrusion into your phone. Many things can go wrong or your phone can be permanently damaged if the repair is not done by an experienced technician. 

At Cellular Phone Repair, your phone is handled with care and precision that only EXPERIENCE can teach. We use Original / OEM parts when available so that the repair that you pay for, lasts for years.  With nearly 20 years of experience, Robert has perfected the best techniques for each needed repair. There is simply no better person or place to trust your phone for repair.



It dropped at the worst time, in the worst way and has the worst crack in the screen. You can't see anything and you just bought the thing!! Yeah, we know, and we can fix it in a flash.

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High Quality, Original OEM Everday
If your phone has a broken screen, you have come to the right place to have it repaired. Today‘s phone screens are not the same as they were 5 years ago. They have gotten much more sensitive to touch, more powerful, colorful, delicate and expensive. Also due to demand and the high cost of Original & OEM LCDs, many factories in china are making different grades of LCDs. They range anywhere from a combination of Original parts and Aftermarket, all the way down to fully fake and aftermarket. Some repair stores even refurbish another customer’s broken LCD from the last day in their shop, and sell it to another customer the day after!!!!

With all the different phone repair stores in NYC and competition to attract customers, many are using Low Grade, Fake or fully refurbished LCDs to repair phones. These LCDs although being sold much cheaper to the customer, are not reliable or of high quality both in Touch and Coloring.

We know how important it is for you to have a reliable, functioning phone. With our vast knowledge and expertise, we buy the best LCD for the money. Meaning the LCDs that are used to repair your phone are usually Original/OEM. If we believe that a lower grade than Original/OEM is available with significant saving to you the customer, we will use it to fix your phone. However these lower Grade LCDs will always be of high quality with no difference in touch or coloring. 

Combine the above with our expertise in workmanship, you easily realize why we are the favorite choice to trust your valuable phone to.


So you accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet and it's not turning on anymore... and you haven't backed up in a while. Don't worry, we've restored a bunch of water damaged devices.

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Broken Phone Tips
Liquid/Water Damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your phone. The Liquid itself can damage the LCD immediately and its corrosive nature will damage other components rapidly within hours. The corrosion short’s the PCB Board and most often your phone will no longer turn on. At this point you are probably terrified that all your data is gone.

If you ever have liquid come in contact with your phone, remove the battery immediately if possible and bring it to a professional for repair ASAP.  

The Leading New York Phone Repair Experts

Here at Cellular Phone Repair , Robert has been repairing Liquid/ Water damaged phones for over 20 years. With us unlike other repair stores, repairing Liquid damaged phones doesn’t mean opening the phone and putting a blow dryer to it. With years of experience, Robert has devised several techniques that have brought back thousands of phones from Liquid Damage. We use certain Equipment, Machines and liquids which safely and effectively remove the corrosion without damaging other parts of the phone. Once your phone is back on, we can then retrieve your valuable information.


Battery issues make your device unusable. You're having to carry around a charger everywhere and have no idea if you'll make it to the next post before your device dies. We can swap out a new battery in under 10 min!

We service all kinds of devices.

Bring your device in for a free estimate.


Iphones, Ipads, Macs and more.


Bigger screens and more possibility to break'em. We've been fixing LG's since they came out.


Oh man, that new Galaxy looks amazing, right? If you ding it or break it we will get it back to its galactic view in no time!


Until Google comes out with a warranty policy that covers all the ways you can break it, we will cover you a-z


When the batteries go on these puppies it's over. We know how you feel. Get your power back!


Not many people know how to fix these fantastic devices. Well lucky for you we have been playing around with them since 2003.

Kenny S.White Plains, NY

“Fast, courteous service. Very clear on the damage to the phone and any residual effects that would not be rectified with the repair.
I will and have recommended them for cellular phone repair needs.”

Bob S.Chappaqua, NY

“Spent 2 hours with Verizon and 3 hours with Apple trying to resolve why my iPhone 6 that was working fine except it wasn't getting a Verizon signal allowing phone calls - in or out. Verizon blamed the phone, Apple said it couldn't be fixed - so I bought a new phone. My wife took it to Robert. He fixed it in less than five minutes at no charge! I am glad my wife got an upgrade on her phone, but I wasted 5 hours and about $1,000 on a new phone I didn't need. Ask Verizon and Apple if you like sales pitches, but take it to Robert if you want to get your phone fixed.”

Christian A.Brooklyn, NY

“Due to my minor case of OCD I've bee going crazy because of a small crack in my iPhone 6. The one time I didn't have a screen protector is when I decide to drop my phone while working out. Anyway, a gentleman advertised the services of Cellular Phone Repair so I decided to call and see if the cost and turnaround time was within my needs. They are located in a nice building on Maiden Ln where I met Robert (owner) who was very professional and prompt. The entire thing took 15-20 min and he was kind enough to add a screen protector at no charge. I highly recommend using his services if you are in need.”

Paula M.Phoenix, AZ

“I was in town on business when I dropped and cracked my iPhone 6 Plus. I was referred to Robert to replace my screen. Robert did it in record time even though he did not have the proper color front face. He fixed until he could get get the correct color(the next day) unfortunately my phone had damage that Robert nor I knew and I ended up having to replace my phone and Robert ended up giving me a full refund due to the circumstances. Robert was kind and very professional and a stand up businessman. I wish more people had this much concern for their customers. Thanks Robert”

Lou D.New York, NY

“Whether it's a cracked screen, waterlog or a touch screen that is sporadic in function, Robert at Cellular Phone Repair on Maiden Lane is your best solution.
A standup guy who stands by his work and has a deserved reputation as the no-nonsense solution for your damaged or malfunctioning phone.
Recommend whole-heartedly!”

Michael P.Manhattan, New York, NY

“Robert worked very carefully and efficiently to replace the cracked screen on my iPhone 6s. Go here if you want a place that offers a reasonable price, works fast, and has people that you can trust with your device.”

Bailey L.Morristown, NJ

“My iPhone 6 screen was completely shattered and I was so upset because I hate paying Apple prices. For $60, Robert fixed my phone to look like new within 30 minutes! He also offered me a glass screen for protection for only $10 and he put it on for me. He was extremely friendly and professional so I felt safe giving him my phone.
Also - when I gave him my phone, it was a little dirty from being in a case. When I got it back, I noticed that he had cleaned up my entire phone. I will only go back here for repairs. I also don't carry cash (he is cash only), but offered me the option to pay via Venmo, which was so helpful! Top notch service.”

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